Macau Island Run

This morning, I had a nice run in the island part of Macau.  From my hotel in Cotai, I ran up north towards Macau through Taipa.

Entrance to Galaxy Resort.

Looking towards Guandong - big building construction was going on.

The little trees are Kandelia obovata.

From the north tip of Taipa looking at Macau skyline.

A statue of Robert Plant? - no - it is Luis Vaz de Camoes.

A marsh by Taipa Houses-Museum.

An orchid market.

Very bright bushes.

Back in Cotai area.

Macau Light Rapid Transit under construction.

Construction workers arriving at the Cotai area development.

A main entrance to the construction site.

Right by my hotel.

My running route this morning.

Although it was early in the morning, it was warm and humid.

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