A Beautiful Run in Hyuga

I had a beautiful run in Hyuga this morning.  The weather was perfect and the scenery was just gorgeous.

A memorial of an old railway system - Hoshoshima Line.

Fishing boats at a little port.

The view of the port from the edge.

A coastguard ship was docked.


Mihokogaura Beach.

A small island - when tide is low we can walk there.

At the tip of Hyuga Cape - Umanose.

The view was spectacular from the tip of the cape.

There were more palm trees.

A monument at the viewing area of Kurusu no Umi.

The view.

The view from above (a photo of the picture) - if turned 90 deg. counter-clockwise - looks like a Kanji Character "叶 (kanau)" meaning "wish comes true".

Today's run - approx. 17 km.

Hyuga, Miyazaki Prefecture is a beautiful place to visit.

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