Sendai Mizunmori Park Trail

I returned to Sendai and had a very nice run through trails of Mizunomori Park this morning.  It is about 5 km north of the Shinkansen Station and the whole trail (the total distance of east and west courses) is a bit more than 3 km.

The map of the trail at the southern entrance of the park.

At the entrance.

A typical of the trail on the east course.

An electric power line relay tower.

A warning for a cliff.

A nice lake - but is barricaded, so cannot get to the water.

There is a nice picnic and camp ground.

The western trail after the camp ground.

Where up/downs are severe, they had steps.

A view of Sendai suburb from a bridge right south of the park - the park is really close from the city.


qmgc said...

Nice Mizunomori Park Run!!
It's my home trail course!! enjoy it!!

datadawak said...

Thank you for your comment!