A Nice Run in Kanazawa

I had a short business trip to Kanazawa.  I went for a nice run yesterday morning.

A big wooden gate on the east side of  Kanazawa Station.

I visited Ohmicho Market.

A road race was on - wish I could join them.

Tentoku-in - a temple that was built in 1623 for Tamahime, the wife of the third lord of Maeda Clan that ruled the area.  She was a grand daughter of Tokugawa Ieyasu,the founder of Tokugawa Shogunate.

At the entrance are Nio statues protecting the temple.

Looking at the main building from the gate.

Inside the main building.

A big mask of Tengu displayed on one of the buildings.

The beautiful garden of the temple.

Maple and moss.

I ran back along Saikawa River that flows from southeast to northwest of the city.

Senior citizens were enjoying Gateball.

Canadian Goldenrod is an invading plant - now very common in Japan.

 A train crosses a bridge over the river.

A big monument on the west side of the station.

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