Run the Entire Length of Kanda River

To prepare for my marathon of next month, I ran the entire length of Kanda River to do a Long Slow Distance yesterday.  It was nice to run with my wife.

I've posted the River's starting point, and the end before but I've never ran the whole thing before.  Looking at the map, learned it was about 25 km altogether.

The entire trail along the river is paved.

Looking towards Shinjuku in Nakano.

Arakawa Line Street Car - the last of its kind in Tokyo at the intersection of Takadobashi.

A backstreet of Takadanobaba.

Shuto Expressway runs along the river.

A big pedestrian walk bridge.

Iidabashi Station seen from the walk bridge.

A bridge to Tokyo Dome City.

The hotel and the amusement park of the Dome City.

Train lines and the river cross by Ochanoizu Station.

A big statue of Confucius at Yushima Seido Temple.  The fifth Tokugawa Shogun established it as a learning place for bureaucrats.

Akihabara - it is the holy place of Otaku Culture.

Yakatabune boats on the river.

Sumida River - to which Kanda River flows into.

From the other side of the bridge over Sumida River,  the mouth of Kanda River is seen between buildings to the right.

The map shows where we were.

Ryogoku Station where we took the train to come home.

 The MapMyRun route of the run - the distance was about 29 km with detours - and took us about 3 hours to complete.

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