A Nice Run to Showa Kinen Koen (Showa Memorial Park)

My wife and I ran to Showa Kinen Koen yesterday.  The weather was overcast - not too hot or not too cold.  It was a perfect day for a nice 20K.

We basically ran along Tamagawa Josui most of the way to the park.

We stopped to get a drink of water at Kodaira Central Park.


As we ran west, the area became more rural.


A bridge was being repaired.

Visitors looks at the map by the north entrance of Showa Kinen Koen.

The park is very spacious and nice.

A nice lake in the park.

Art exhibition.

A very nice fountain close from Tachikawa Entrance.

The fountain and gingko trees seen from by the gate.

Festivities were going on right outside of the park gate.

Tama Monotrail by JR Tama Station.

A guide dog demonstration.

We took the train back home.

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