A Run to Victoria Peak

This morning, I managed to run to and back from my hotel in Wan Chai to Victoria Peak in Hong Kong.

The entrance gate of Hong Kong Botanical Garden - also a memorial for the two World Wars.

There are many hills.

The sign says - "30 minute walk" to the Peak - very tough walk!

The end of the road and the highest stop of my run today - the barricaded gate of the radio station.

 The entrance to the former summer residence of Hong Kong Governor.

The nice garden of the former residence - now called the Peak Garden.

The view from the end of Mount Austin Road - Lamma Island is seen.

A circular plate that shows directions to points of interest at the end of the road.

The view from the end of the road - the big island should be Lantau.

Coming back down - it is very woody around the trail.

Austin Road Playground - right below the Peak Garden.

The view of Hong Kong and harbor.

Very interesting tree.

As I was running down, more and more people were climbing.  Actually, it was tough coming down, also, for trails were so steep.

Looking up from the same spot as above.

Back on a city street - commuting time and very busy.

The total distance was about 14 km, I think.  The humidity was so high, my shirt and shorts were drenched from heat.

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