My First 20K Race

Until this morning, I have never done a 20K race before.  It was called "Korya Tama Run" (Japanese play-on-words "Korya Tamaran" meaning "Wow this is amazing!" with a run along Tama River).

The run started at a river bank close from Keio Tamagawa Station and went upstream for 10K then came back the same way.

It was a small run and here's the briefing of the run 15 min. before the start.

Lining up for the start - the train line is Keio Sagamihara Lline.

Runners coming in for the finish.

The route of the run on Google Map.

There used to be raft ferries that took passengers across the river until the bridge was built.

Byakue Kannon Temple by the river.

There was a Keirin Race Track near by.

The weather was sunny and a got a bit hot towards the end, but overall, it was a very nice race.

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