A Run to Koenji

This morning, I went for a long run for a change.  I ran to Koenji Station.

A nice little park close from Nishi-Ogikubo Station.

A little Inari Shirine.

Figures in a show window of an Izakaya.

A view from Koenji Station.

 An entrance to a walkway - used to be a river.

A nice little park with a cherry blossom.

A garden in a Danchi.

Another playground.

The entrance to Shinseiji Temple.

The main building - it is a Zen temple.

Myohoji Temple - Nichiren Sect.

Children practicing soccer.

A pond in Wadabori Park.

The overpass of Kanpachi by Inokashira dori is being repaired.

Bread store closest from the factory.

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