Morning Hanami Runs

The weather was not that great, but cherry blossoms in Tokyo were just fantastic the past weekend.  I was lucky to be able to go for nice runs on both mornings to enjoy hanami.

On Saturday morning, the weather was not too bad.

Beautiful cherry blossom over Kanda River by Inokashirakoen Station.

Train passes by a land getting ready for jichinsai before a house construction.

A little park by Kugayama Station.

A trail along Kanda River beyond Kugayama.

A little park by Takaido Station.

Cherry petals were falling already.

Another little park.

A former baseball field by Fujimigaoka Station.

A trail by Tamgawa Josui.

On Sunday, it was raining when I started.

The same Kanda River trail by the station was very wet.

A pretty flowers by the train track.

Right by Inokashirakoen Station.

Hyotanike Pond by the main pond of Inokashiara Park.

A photographer.

Hanami gathering in the rain - this is around 8:00 am.

Beautiful blossoms in Western Park (Nishi-En).

A grass roof house - believed to be belong to a famous anime producer.

Pretty little summer snowflakes.

The Benten building seen across from the pond.

Nanaibashi Bridge.

Runners along the pond.

An admirer with a matching color umbrella.

Too bad about the weather, but I loved my peaceful runs!

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