A Run in Nasushiiobara - April 1

Yesterday morning, I had a nice and relaxed run in Nasushiobara.  The weather was cloudy and still pretty cold.  No cherry blossom yet - the season is at least a month behind Tokyo.

I ran down south from my hotel by the station.

A beautiful white plum tree flowers.

 Here are pink ons by a building with a family crest of plum flower on the building.

Pretty little trees.

I ran through a forest of Japanese cedar trees.

A field is getting prepared for planting of rice.

A dump truck by Kumagawa (Bear River).

The river had some construction work being done.

Pretty flowers by an old bridge.

Crows flew away as I pointed my iPhone camera.

A little field with preparatory earthwork.

I crossed over the river - no water there.

Mineyama Park had pretty daffodil flowers.

A playground of the park.

This was a very nice park.

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Rohan Gillett said...

The Kanda river when it flows past Takaido is a great place for cherry blossoms in spring. I've been living there for the last seven years and I think it is one of Tokyo's little known gems!