Two Morning Runs in Ho Chi Minh

I stayed in Ho Chi Minh City for several days and could go for nice runs on Saturday and Monday.

A statue of Ho Chi Minh in front of People's Committee Building.

At Hon Vien Van Hoa Park, many people were exercising.

The entrance to Saigon Zoo.

Tall new residential buildings are being constructed by Rach Thi Nghe Canal.

A street vendors by the canal.

Many people exercising to the music.

I thought whoever that drew this was very artistic.

A poster showed what the development will look like when it is finished.

Construction workers were coming to the site.

Some sort of slogan posters with the wise old man as a great symbol.

Old cannons were displayed by Saigon River.

A statue of a legendary great general - Tran Hua Dao.

Monday morning traffic.

A gasoline station.

Le Van Tam Park - used to be a cemetery.

Badminton is very popular.

Many people walking in the park.

Captured US war machines.

A street fruit vendor.

A huge subway construction project is on going.

A Japanese gyoza restaurant.

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