A Nice Weekend Run

I had a nice run on a beautiful Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Since this is a Three-Day Weekend (today is Health and Sports Day), there were also activities going on in Inokashira Park.

Hanamizuki (Japanese Dogwood) trees along Kanda River have red leaves already.

A little farm field in Suginami Ward.

Policians' posters - these have nothing to do with the big national election is coming up this month.

A playground ride in shape of Alpaca.

A scene from a trail along Tamagawa Josui.

At the western part of Inokashira Park, there was a Sports Awareness Activity was going on. 


Sports Climbing.

Fun things for kids.

The water source of the pond was turned off.

The pond was unusually green.

A movie for children was about to start.

I love the faint sweet smell of Kinmokusei (Sweet Osmanthus) of this season.

Yesterday morning, I ran a bit more:

Little grapes at a restaurant in the park.

A father and his daughter dashes at the sports area.

Boys are kicking a ball at a soccer area.

Bikes on a narrow street towards Mitaka.

The old house by Nakamichi is still there.

The Ghibli-looking facility is some school.

A little temple by Kichijoiji.

Bugs gather at a stem of a weed.

Tokyo is very peaceful again this weekend.

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