Water Coming Out of Ground After Storm

We had a typhoon sweep by Tokyo on Saturday-Sunday.  It seems to have caused underground water level to raise and we have water coming out of the ground by Inokashira and Zenpukuji Parks.  I went for runs in the mornings of Tuesday and Wednesday and found that.

Beautiful Sunrise of Tuesday morning by Kugayama Train Depot.

Fallen leaves and branches were left at Inokashira Park.

I noticed an unusually big water puddle.

Then I notice this hole on the ground with water coming out.

Wednesday morning, I ran to Zenpukuji Park to find parts of the trail around the pond were barricaded.

The pond over flowed beyond its edge.

The area around the lake was very wet and muddy.

More barricade.

Yet, there were some older people doing Radio Taiso.

Fallen leaves on the street going up from the pond.

Back at Inokashira Park, this area was still flooded.

Water was coming out of the ground.

More water coming out from behind the public toilet.

The pond well was turned off, but water seemed to be seeping out.

 Inokashira Pond seen from the south side - flooded here, too.

We have another typhoon approaching - it is expected to get here early next week.  It is very unusual to have them this late in the year.

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