Fukuno Yotaka Matsuri (Festival)

On Tuesday, I was very lucky to be there for Fukuno Yotaka Matsuri Festival.  The sleepy old town was very lively with giant lantern floats parading through its narrow streets.

Homes displayed little lanterns.

A store displayed old dolls and pictures.

 There were so many people on streets.

On the following morning, I went for a run - it was foggy.

The parking lot view from my hotel room.

A children's float was parked by a street.

The street leading to the main shrine.

The entrance to the shrine.

Nobody in the streets - only the marks left by the floats.

 One of the floats I saw the night before.

Posters of the festival.

A train car painted with Ninja Hattori-kun.

A very tall lantern float - shows how tall they used to be before telephone lines.

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