Morning Runs in Global City

I was back in Manila over the weekend.  In the morning of Saturday and Monday , I could run in the Global City area.  The weather was sunny - very hot and humid.,

On Saturday, I basically went down west - ran around the golf course.

Many new high rise buildings of Global City.

Pedestrians have to be very careful.

Bougainvillea by Manila Golf Club.

Tree roots are very strong.

The branches of the tree with the strong roots.

A nice church by McKinley Road.

A chameleon art.

There was a basketball match.

On Monday, I went down south - around the US Military Cemetery.

Bright red-orange flowers.

Another painting.

Buckets spilled flowers.

A very long queue at one of the embassies - this was before 8 am.

Electric wires of residential area - hope they won't catch fire.

Florist at Market! Market!

Jeepneys are still very popular mode of transportation.

Big billboards by Pasig River.

Safety First - should be a slogan of every construction site.

Many cars and the Metro Rail.

A statue of Ang Supremo, the heroes of Philippine revolution.

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