Morning Runs - More Autumn Colors

This week, I could put in several runs for a change.  They were all early mornings.

Persimmon trees have no more leaves.

Colors of leaves were pretty with the rising sun.

Little vine leaves on our wall.
Sakura leaves are also falling.

Three Little Birds.

Pedestrian by the Ring Road 8 (Kanpachi).

A trail by Tamagawajosui.

"Susuki" or Miscanthus sinensis.

 Gotenyama area.

Ladies sweeping the bridge to Benzaiten Shrine.

Pretty leaves by Kanda River.

This is where Tamagawajosui crosses Hitomi Kaido.

A sunrise over a new road construction.

These berries look like cherries.


A shrine by Tohachi Road.

Exercisers at Nishi En.

Gotenyama Area. 

Pretty leaves by the pond.

 The sunrise this morning.

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