Southern Mumbai Runs

I stayed at a hotel on the south side of Mumbai, India, this week.  I could put in two nice runs, despite the bad air quality (I wore a mask to run).

On Tuesday, it was an early morning run.

Girls walking to their schools on Captain Prakash Pethe Marg.

A military statue and tanks displayed.

A big Banyan tree.

A statue of a sniper.

A big construction project for Mumbai Metro is on going.

 And on Wednesday, I could run in the afternoon between my meetings.  It was very hot.

Palm trees on the Marine Drive.

Bollywood movie signs.

 Life guards at Girgaon Chowpatty.

 A panorama photo of the beach from the west side.

Pictures of Hindu Gods on the wall 

What is wrong with this picture?  Light poles in a middle of the pedestrian walk makes it very difficult to pass by.

Lovey-dovey writing on the sand.

Freddie (?) was engraved on a wall of a shrine.

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