Cherry Blossoms Are Starting!

This past weekend, I could put in two nice runs.  The temperature dropped and that slowed down the cherry blossoms, but it is definitely happening.  Now the days are getting longer, a long-waited cherry blossoms are starting.

It was overcast and cold in Tokyo on Saturday, I even got rained on a bit while I ran.  I looked for cherry blossoms which was still rare.

Flowers started around Inokashira Park.  This is the southern tip of the pond.

Visitors were taking photos of one for the first blossoms.

Hanami participants were still rare then.

Flowers on the left are not cherry, but Kobushi Magnolia.

A band was practicing at a park by Musashi Sakai Station.

Yellow buses for Ghibli Museum at Mitaka Station.

Pretty pink flowers.

An amateur baseball game. 

Flowers were very pretty by the track of Inokashira Park.

Yesterday, it was sunny and warmer during the day.

Flowers were opening at this cherry tree.

Plum flowers were ending.

Signs by Kugayama Station - 8 km to Shinjuku and 13 km to Tokyo Tower.

A big cherry tree of a park close from Kugayama.

Cherry flower buds on tree branches.  These will be beautiful in next days.

The same cherry blossoms as my first picture of this post at the southern end of Inokashira Pond - a day later.

More people were enjoying the park.

New fresh green leaves of a willow tree.

This area will be filled with people next weekend.

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