Early Morning Run + Walk in Kanazawa

I was in Kanazawa for a change Friday morning.  I had a very nice early run.  The famous Kenrokuen Garden was open - and I had to walk while was there.

The sunrise seen from my room at before 5 am.

A nice display at the station of the old Samurai Clan.

A beautiful kimono was displayed at a show window.

One of the excavations of an area by the old outer wall of the city.

A remain of an inner moat.

The castle seen close from Otemon Gate.

The castle - close up.

A reflection of the above in the moat.

Former Honmaru (main building) area - only a woody area remains.

A row of Chaya (tea houses) by Kenrokuen Gardens.

A little nice waterfall in the Park.

Irises were pretty.

The memorial statue for lives lost in Satsuma Rebellion.

A beautiful pond.

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