A Completely Different Sunday

The last post was of Saturday.  I am now posting pictures from Sunday, the day after of my neighborhood.  We had a lot of snow fall in the morning - and then it turned into rain in the afternoon.

This is snow falling on our cherry and maple trees around 10:30 am.

The approach trail to the park around 3 pm.

People taking photos at the edge of the pond.

Views of the trail by the pond in the park.

Of course, nobody on swan boats.

Mitaka Policemen at the temporary tent.

The steps towards the station.

The coffee shop by Iseya was closed.

The street by the south side of the station.

The walkway between south-north sides of the station.

The north side of the station looking towards SUNROAD.

Looking towards Tokyu Dept. Store.

"Penny Lane".

Seiyu grocery store.

Round1 - was obviously closed.

Looking back towards the station.

It was probably a good thing the weather was bad today for people stayed home. Japan's number of Coronavirus infected are really creeping up now.

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