No Hanami Crowd in Inokashira Park

Due to the "self-restraint" request from the government, our park was not swarmed with Hanami-goers yesterday when I took my doggie for a walky to our park.

I wondered if people complied with the government's request as I approached the park.

Cherry blossoms were wonderful - but petals were falling already.

Of course, most of the areas by the pond were sealed off.

Interesting that they brought huge garbage collecting containers as usual, but sealed them off, so nobody can use them.

Our favorite restaurant was closed for the weekend.

Now crossing the bridge - there were some admirer of cherry blossoms.

No sitting.

This area is restricted to enter for an entirely different reason from the virus.

Swan boats were not open.

Crossed the bridge and looking back.

Definitely much less crowded.

The local police (Mitaka) had a tent to make sure there are no troubles.

There were some families enjoying swings and playthings.

That was yesterday.  So different today for it snowed all morning...

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