Friday and Sunday Runs

Friday morning, I ran along Nakamachi-dori - west of the southern tip of Inokashira Park and the residential area south of it.

A Korean restaurant on the street.

A micro-brewery.

Little figurines at a store.

The road is being widened.

A very narrow dirt street.

Another urban farmland.

Here, streets are very straight.

Cute figures at a restaurant.

A little park with a big tree.

Bicycle parking rack.

And this morning - I ran the area north-east of Mitaka Station and south of Inokashira-dori.

The statue in front of the station seen from behind.

Yokogawa Electric football field.

A little Shinto shrine.

A person was sitting at a bench.

A street with a palm tree.

An old advertisement of a soft drink.

A child's drawing on a pavement of an alley.

A typical of a street of this area.

Little flowers.

This house has beautiful roses.

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