Runs of the Past Week

I have been re-learning our neighborhood residential area streets lately.  It is within a small area, but I am discovering charming streets.

Last Monday morning, I checked out Kugayama area - north side of the station.

All the playground equipment is sealed up.

A tall electric power line tower.

This park was not as restrictive.

A little urban farmland.

A mother and daughter running by Kugayama Station.

On Wednesday, went around Kichijoji Minami-cho (south of the station) and Mitaka Station.

A big residential complex construction site by Inokashira Park.

A distinctive striped house.

This French restaurant announced its closure.

A JR Chuo Line elevated track- west side of Kichijoji Station.

Rock signs that shows Inokashira Park close from the zoo.  They were set up about 100 years ago.

Another urban farmland between Kichijoji and Mitaka stations.

Grass roof house.

Buses on the shopping street south of Mitaka Station.

A sign for Ghibli Museum.

Friday - Gotenyama area.

A pinwheel.

The street by Tamagawajosui.

An empty lot - a prime real estate.

Former residence of YAMAMOTO Yuzo, a famous novelist.

Tennis courts at the park.

Ghibli Museum is closed right now.

A picture from Dorothy's point of view.

Vending machines by Inokashirakoen Station.

Sunday - again south of Fujimigaoka.

Children at play at a park.

A nice little park had a father and daughter playing badminton.

More urban farmland - south of Inokashirakoen Station.

A restaurant in the park offers takeouts.

And this morning - Mitakadai area.

An Asian restaurant close from the station.

Mitakadai Station.

A house still displays Koinobori at the veranda.

You are welcome.

A road leading to the station on the south side.

Hydrangea flowers are coming out, but leaves are getting eaten.

Azalea flowers.

Beautiful roses close from Inokashirakoen Station.

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