Possibly the Last Run of the Year in Tateshina

Yesterday morning, I enjoyed running in Tateshina.  This probably was the last time for this year for it is forecasted to snow, soon.  I went up Venus Line and ran on mountain trails a bit.

The view from the  lookout place - overcast.

A road sign of Venus Line.

The start of the mountain trail by Suzuran Toge Pass.

I went up this narrow path.

There was a field with fewer trees.

The view towards Kurumayama Highland and Lake Shirakaba.

Hoof marks of deer.

Hutte Albireo was closed due to COVID-19.

Coming back down to Venus Line through the woody area again.

Back at the Lookout - it was clearing up.

Fallen orange colored pine needles collected at the side of the road.

Mountain water seeping out of the side of Venus Line.

A car coming out of a resort area.

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