Two Nice Autumn Runs in Tateshina

I could put in two wonderful morning runs in beautiful Tateshina recently.

It was very clear on Sunday morning.

Miscanthus sinensis are pretty this time of the year.

A female Japanese pheasant was walking across a road.

Reflections of trees on the water of a man-made lake.


Colors were just stunning.

Venus Line.

Fallen leaves.

There are many Soba restaurants on Venus Line.

Cotton-like things are Clematis vitalba

Pretty autumn colors seen in back roads.

More frost.

Tengu-dake peaks were visible.

More beautiful autumn colors.

This morning, it was VERY foggy when I started running.

Just white beyond the little Torii.

Fallen leaves covered the road.

I saw some deer in this woods, but very difficult to photograph them.

A Sabo dam.

White moss on trees were beautiful.

These mosses looked green.

This road had yellow leaves.

Beautiful leaves in front of a little inn/restaurant.

I could see much better when I got back to where I started.

Still have beautiful colors at over 1,600 meters (1 mile) altitude.

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