A Run Back from Kokubunji

 Yesterday morning, I took a JR train to Kokubunji Station and ran back from it.

The Station.

The north side of the station.

A train passes through Nishi-Kokubunji Station.

A big tree at the old ground of where a Kokubunji Temple used to be.

Spring water.

A nice little Torii.

A playground.

An owl tea house.

Nogawa River in Kokubunji.

The river becomes bigger as travels down to the east.


Aa driving school.

A big field by Musashino Park.

Baseball players at Musashino Park.

The area by the nature observation garden.

Tohachi Road.

Nishi-En playground of Inokashira Park.

The walkway south of Inokashira pond.

Ducks on the pond seen from Hyotan Bridge.

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