A Nice Long Almost-Spring Run

Yesterday, the weather turned out to be beautiful.  It was so different from the day before when it rained all day and had thunder + lightening. 

I ran north-west on Tamako Cycling Road.

An interesting display - "A Window of Scenery".

A raised path along the bike path.

A baseball team on bikes.

A notice in front of a Christian church notifying that services are online.

A sweets stall by Koganei Furusato Mura.

A long queue at a coffee shop along Tokyo Road 248.


Rape blossoms at Koganei Park.

Pretty cherry blossom at Edo-Tokyo Architectural Open Air Museum.

Too bad the museum was closed.

People enjoying the park.

A beautiful magnolia.

A baseball game.

Girls playing basketball.

Tampopo (Dandelion).

A big cherry tree.

A lady buying vegetables at an un-manned stall.

A sign of the Olympic games at Inokashira Zoo.

Mt. Fuji seen from the pedestrian bridge.

Large area of Inokashira Park is boarded up to prevent Hanami.

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