Hanami Runs of This Week.

Sakura really blossomed the past week.  I could run in my neighborhood to enjoy beautiful flowers.

On Monday, I ran through Inokashira Park - at that time, flowers were not yet 50%. 

Large part of the park was blocked off so people would not be able to gather.

A pretty tree at Sukusuku-Izumi Park.

Nishi-En (West Garden) of Inokashira Park.

On Wednesday, I ran down Kanda River.

Pretty pink blossom next to Inokashira Line.

Looking east by Takaido Station.

Inokashira Line train.

A pretty blossom at Sankaku Hiroba.

Friday, ran up north to Zenpukuji Park.

A local elementary school.

Tulips planted by students.

Hana Daikon - Dame's rockets.

Imagawa area.

A student of an agricultural school taking care of horses.

Another little path the must have been a river before.

People exercising at Zenpukuji Park.

Cherry blossoms and reflections on the east pond.

And Yesterday - Saturday - flowers were almost 100% blossomed.  My wife and I had a wonderful run to Musashino Chuo Park.

Inokashira Park had many people that came to admire the blossoms.  But of course not as many as usual.  Also nobody can really sit down and party this year.

A runner along Tamagawajosui.

Sekimae Park.

Musashino Chuo Park.

Soccer teams getting ready for a match.

The torch run is on going for Tokyo 2020 - this is at the City Hall.

Beautiful blossom right by Musashino City Hall.

A man was cutting tree branches.

Multi-colored blossom with Koinobori.

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