Four Nice Local Runs

This pas week, I could log 4 nice runs from my home.

Last Monday - 

The Ochanomizu Well of the pond was stopped.

Pretty azalea on Kaze no Sampomichi.

Tuesday - 
A choo-choo playground equipment at Higashi-Fushimi Park.

A dogwood tree at a little park.

Commuters at Mitaka Station.

Saturday - 
Anne Frank's roses at a park by Suginami Chuo Library.

The pond of Otaguro Park.

A big gingko tree.

And yesterday - 
Inokashira Park is very green.

Higashi Koganei Station.

The entrance of University of Tokyo Agriculture and Technology 

Two children walking.

Musashino Park.

Blood drive buses of the Redcross Hospital.

Not very many children at play at Nishi En.

The Benzaiten Shrine and a bridge at Inokashira Park. 

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