Three Runs of This Week.

This week, I could put in three nice runs.  We had some rain, but the days I ran, it was beautiful.

On Tuesday, I ran through Inokashira Park and went down south.

Cherry blossoms were falling fast.

Parrots - definitely not native to Japan.

Ducks in Sengawa River.

Ducks and a cormorant.

More fallen petals.


Wisteria - early this season.

Cherry blossoms were pretty much done at the pond.

Thursday morning, I ran up north.

A picture drawn by students of Momoi Daiyon Elementary School.

Yae Zakura cherry blossom.

Ducks of the pond of Shakujii Park.

Itsukushima Shrine of Sanpoji Pond.

A long approach to Hikawajinja Shrine.

Commuters approaching Kamishakujii Station.

It is rare to see all the platforms occupied with trains.

Elementary students crossing the street.

And this morning, I ran north-west.

Students waiting for a bus at Kichijoji Station.

High school students walking towards their school.

Pretty tree with an Ox (this year's Chinese animal)

FC Tokyo banner.

Trees of Koganei Park.

A musician getting photo shoot.

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