Four Nice Runs of This Week

I had 4 nice morning runs this week - in consecutive days.

After no running for 3 days, I could finally go on Thursday.

Pretty flowers of someone's yard - south of Takaido.

A park beyond the expressway.

Fun pictures below the expressway.

A narrow alley.


An insect on a flower.

More hydrangea.

On Friday, I ran to by Musashino City Hall.

Very beautiful red flowers.

A rain water collecting system at a junior high school.

A public pay phone - not very common these days.

A baseball game by a field by the city hall.

Pupils of a local private school crossing a pedestrian overpass.

Yesterday, I ran through Inokashira Park and beyond Mitaka Station.

A playground area of the Park.

Rudbeckia by a playground.

A big tree fell in the park.

And this morning, I ran beyond Kugayama and to Takaido Park.

Kugayama Inari Shrine.

Anti-infection sprays are placed at the building.

Kugayama side entrance of the park is open since the 1st of June.

High rises of Shinjuku are seen (left side of Takaido smoke stack).

An area on the south of the park is also being developed.

There'll be a baseball field,a football pitch, and tennis courts.

The trail by Tamagawajosui.

Children at a playground of Nishi-En (West Garden).

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