My Local Runs of This Week.

I could run in four times despite the rainy season.

Monday, I ran east - towards Kanpachi (The Ring Road No. 8).

A woody area a bit north of the station by the tennis courts were being cleared.

Commuters at Takaido Station.

Dog walkers at Takaido Park.

Students by Kugayama Station.


Wednesday, I went up north to Zenpukuji Park and a bit beyond.

A heron at the pond of Zenpukuji Park.

A side entrance of Igusa Hachimangu Shrine.

Edomuki (Facing Edo) Jizo - made in 1729.

Thursday, I ran through the park and then went further west.

The spring of Inokashira Pond.

A little park by a local university had pretty flowers.

More pretty flowers.  The red/yellow one is "Kobozuotogiri."

A pair of ducks by Kanda River by Sankaku Hiroba.

And yesterday, I ran west - to Tanashi area.

An apartment building with vines.

A shrine by a high school in Nishitokyo.

The City Park's Octopus shaped playing equipment.

Senior football teams.


La Crosse players at Musashino Chuo Park.

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