My Two Runs of This Week.

 Tuesday morning, I ran through the park and a bit beyond Musashi-sakai Station.

The pond is so clean and nice now.

A store displays a famous silly bear with a calendar.  We have two national holidays this month.

A barber shop by Musashi-sakai Station.

A bamboo bush along Tamagawajosui.

Commuters at Musashisakai Station.

People waiting for their bus in front of a discount store on Inokashira-dori.

It snowed in Tokyo on Thursday, so when I ran yesterday morning, it still had some snow on the ground.

The playground area of Inokashira Park.

The pond.

The train depot/maintenance area west of Mitaka Station.

A little wooden bridge at a walkway to Chuo Park.

The south entrance to Musashino Chuo Park.

The playground.

Tiger - this year's animal at top of snow support of a tree.

The whole of the park still had snow.

Children at play - at the field by Musashino City Hall.

The National Flag at the local university.

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