Runs of this Week

After a long time without running, I am finally on my way to recovery.  This week, I could go three times.

On Sunday, I ran down south.

Plum blossom had started!

A big pedestrian deck over Tohachi-doro.

On Wednesday morning, I ran eastward.

Construction of the new baseball field at Takaido Park is coming along.

Traffic on the new part of Tohachi-doro by Takaido Park.

A city-run bus on Mitakadai Ekimae-dori.

A small vegetable stand south of Inokashira-koen Station.

Inokashira Pond - water is so clean now..

And this morning, ran westward - it was still dark.

An approach to a local college.

People waiting for a bus.

Inokashira Benzaiten Shrine now has a new copper top.

Hyotan-ike pond - it is a small pond connected to the east end of Inokashira Pond.

It will take a while to get back to my shape I was in last summer.

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