A Run in Nasu-Shiobara

 I was back in Nasushiobara for the first in a year.  I could enjoy a good run yesterday morning.

Because it was colder there compared to Tokyo, cherry blossom is late.

Sabikawa River looking north from a bridge.

A lone tree in a field.

Daffodils along a road.

A weeping cherry.

Under a bridge.

And I ran on a dry river.

This bridge was very recently built - not yet open.

A farmer tilling a field.

Looking at Konjoin Temple from its back hill.

Saw a man walking in the woods.

Looking towards Nasushiobara Station from Higashi-Nasuno Park.

Higashi-Nasuno Park.

Route 53 - south of the station.

An Unagi restaurant that is no longer in operation.

A big Kama (old cooking ware) displayed by the station.

Tsukushi or horsetail Strobili.

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