Two Nice Park Runs Over the Weekend

I could go for nice local runs over the weekend.

Saturday, although it was raining a bit, I ran to Musashino Chuo Park.

Art by local children were displayed.

Beautiful spring flowers.

A vegetable stand by a local farmer.

A road by Tamagawajosui looking towards Inokashira Park.

A couple sits by the pond.

The bridge and the Benzaiten Shrine.

People walking with umbrellas.

On Sunday, it was a much better weather - got pretty hot while running in the morning.

A soccer team children running in Roka Koshun-en.

Volunteers planting new flowers.

Bottlebrush - the name makes sense.



Senkawa River.

The trail had this poster.

Umbrellas being dried.


Potatoes had pretty flowers.

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