Two Nice Runs in Takaoka

I was back in Takaoka over the weekend.  I could put two nice runs.

Yesterday morning, it was raining a bit.  Ran to Sho River and ran down towards the Sea of Japan. 
Yellow irises.

A baseball field in the riverbed.

A steel bridge spanning the river.

A playground.

A man was tending his farm.

The pond of the old castle park.

The moat.

Some figures of Chōjū-jinbutsu-giga.

Momotarō and his comrades.

This morning, I went west and reached Oyabe River.

Pretty blue irises.

Mt. Futagami seen from Oyabe River.

Family of ducks.


Old buildings along Yamamachisuji - a historical building street.

This shrine has a train track running through it.

A flee market was happening.

The approach to the resting place of Maeda Toshinaga.

The tomb of Toshinaga - one of the largest of samurai lords in Japan.

An old post box - still in use.

A statue of Takayama Ukon.

A bridge spanning the moat to the old castle park.

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