Nanto Runs in Nanto

This week, I was back in Nanto City.  I could go for two nice runs.

Tuesday morning, I had a nice run to Yasui from my hotel.

Beautiful sunrise seen from the hotel entrance.

An old bridge over Oyabe River will be replaced, soon.

Jizo statues of Angoji Temple.

Two runners going up the hill.

Beautiful flowers.

A bus stop and the election candidate posters.

A rice paddy.


Wednesday morning, I ran through Fukuno.

An event hall - Helios

A paintings of the local festival.

It is very nice to run in the rice fields.

Some fields have edamame.

Yamada River.

Johana Line trains.

A monumental bridge over Tabikawa River.

A local Floral Park.

Tanabata ornaments.

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