Jakarta City Runs

I was in Jakarta - first time in over 10 years - this week.  I could enjoy two nice morning runs in the city.

Monday - I ran north-west to the sports area.

There are many new high rise buildings.

Also many statues.

Interesting picture - the lady's hair is actually made with plants.

Indonesia was the host country of G20 Meeting this year.

Ladies exercising Tai chi.

Bougainvillea - flowers were orange.

Another nice statue.

There are many motorbikes.

Wednesday - I ran east.

A nice green field and tall buildings.

A poster displayed at an European embassy wall.

Elevated public transportation system route.

An interesting statue.

Again - there are many motorbikes.

A park under renovation - hope they'll clean the river, too.

Stray cats.

A muslim mosque.

Old residential/commercial buildings and modern skyscrapers.

Meditators by a busy-noisy street.

Gas prices - I am sure it is probably record high.

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