Snow, Stars, and Plum Blossoms

Last Sunday, it snowed and snowed all day. This photo is of a park near by.
It doesn't look like Tokyo, does it?
Nice treat for children but is sure has been cold!

We did have clear days after that, and on Thursday, Orion was very visible in the southern sky.

Although the winter weather remains, some hint of spring is showing with the plum blossom.

I also encounterd a white heron in a nearby river.

Having seasons can be tough, but fun!

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Unknown said...

Hi! How are you.
This is my first comment.
Thank you for all your trouble in the meeting at last Sunday.
I enjoy a pleasant time with you.
It is a nice English diary.
By the way, the above views are very beautiful.
The first and second views are beautiful snowy landscape.
I felt then like as if they are view of snow country.
However spring comes soon.