Flowers in Tochigi

Friday morning, I could enjoy a relaxing morning run in Tochigi. It was raining a bit that day, but roadside flowers made me feel good. I love running in countryside.

I first thought this was a dandelion, but it is actually a cat's ear - false dandelion.

Although of unusual colors, I presume these are cosmos.

Crinum zeylanicum - I learned that this originally came from India.

Daisy fleabanes are very common in Japan at this time of the year.

Evening primrose.

Golden-rayed lilies are large flowers.

Morning glories - these were in front of a restaurant in a flowerpot. The name of the flower in Japanese is "Asagao" - "morning face."

Trumpet creepers from someone's home garden.

This one looks a bit like a morning glory, but actually is a bindweed flower. In Japanese, it is called "Hirugao" - means "Noon Face."

I looked and looked in the web to find the name of this one, but could not find it anywhere. Can someone help me? Maybe it is a type of orchid or even lily.

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pretty flowers!