Earthquake, Tsunami, and a Possible Nuclear Disaster -

are some of the things we have been dealing with here in Japan since last Friday.

Stuff from my closet fell out right after the first quake.

The situation is very serious, especially up in Sendai area. As of today, almost 1,900 people are confirmed dead, 15,000 still missing and 450,000 people have been evacuated.

I am in Tokyo, some 400 km away from the original epicenter of 3/11 earthquake. Still, we've been having seismic intensities of up to 5. Public transportation was completely shut down on that day.

Many people had to walk home from work - this photo was taken around 10 pm of last Friday.

Even close from my home in Tokyo, some brick walls fell.

This is a shot of my TV on 13 March.
I have received so many messages from my friends around the globe - South Africa, Thailand, France, USA, China, Singapore, Philippines, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Canada, and Taiwan.

Luckily, my family and I are all safe. Your thoughts are sincerely appreciated.


dbp said...

It is a great relief to hear that you and family are okay!

You do travel a lot, which could be good if you are away when disaster hits, or bad if you were are on one of the trains which are missing.

datadawak said...

Thank you for your message. I have to add one more disaster to what I wrote - "POLLEN". It is VERY bad this year and it is at worst right now!