Today's Kichojoji

It is now eight days since the first earthquake that struck north east Japan. The situation in Kichijoji is becoming more normal - we have not yet have scheduled black out.

There were several groups that were asking for contributions for the victims of the disaster - this is right outside of JR Kichijoji Station.

Stores on SunRoad Shopping Street are almost back to normal - it was busy today.

Tsurukame Land Grocery store now has enough food and vegitables.

We still have gasoline shortage - these cars are lined up for it. Regular gasoline price today was 151 yen per liter (Approx. 7.09 USD per gallon). Many gas stations are letting each customer to have only 2,000 to 3,000 yen worth. This is on Inokashira-dori Street.

Nakamichi - another busy shopping street in Kichijoji.

A little park by Nakamichi - behind Kinokuniya grocery store.

Musashino Daisan Elementary School - empty on Saturday afternoon.

Dogwood flowers are pretty in Inokashira Koen - we are yet to have cherry blossom.


dbp said...

I've noticed lots of people--usually women for some reason--who wear surgical masks.

The beautiful sunny day of your pictures reveals clean-looking air. Is this an attempt to ward-off germs?

datadawak said...

Many people including I wear masks at this time of the year. This is because of spring pollen allergy (cedar, then later paulownia). This year, it is especially bad. I even wore one when I jogged yesterday. I also wear a mask while I board commercial airline flights - that is of course to defend myself against germs.

Right after the disaster strike of 3/11, even in Tokyo many grocery store items disappeared - due to consumer panic. I wanted to show that things are coming back to normal - slowly.

dbp said...

Thanks! Yes, these masks should be able to reduce pollen exposure very well. I hadn't thought of that.

evewhat said...

Thank you for showing such lovely pictures of Kichijoji and Inokashira Koen-I used to live there for about 20 years and and would often walk my dogs there-I pray for Japan after the terrible earthquake and tsunami,it breaks my heart to see such things in such a lovely country.

datadawak said...

Thank you for your message. Please visit my blog again.