Shinjuku Today

I went to Shinjuku to meet with a friend today. The station is of course the busiest train station in the whole Japan. Before the earthquake, it was very well lighted, but now, with Tokyo Electric Power Company's loss of nuclear power plants, everyone is helping with saving energy.

This is the South Entrance of JR Shinjuku Station - this is around 5:00 pm.

There also were several groups that were calling for donations for the victims of the disaster.

This is the advertisement of the newest Shinkansen service towards Tohoku region that commenced on March 5, but it is of course not operational since the earthquake (March 11).

Inside JR Shinjuku station - lights were dimmed.

Keio Line station.

Even lights of show windows were turned off.

Here is the high rises during during the day - could tell most of the lights were turned off.

Looking towards the same building at around 7:30 pm (different angle) - very dark.

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