We got a direct hit by a typhoon

Japan has been hit by many natural disasters - but usually, away from Tokyo.
But this week, we were finally hit by a big typhoon - No. 15 by Japanese designation.

Below is a TV capture of a late night news in Nagoya of Tuesday.  It shows crumbling river bank from the rain and the square at the bottom right shows a big area of Japan is covered by the storm.

This one is a capture of a TV in Tokyo around 5 PM of Wednesday.  At that time, the storm center was with us in Tokyo.  The picture shows a damage in Kinki area (around Osaka).

Many trees fell in Inokashira Park.  Here, workers are trying to cut up and remove a big tree from a trail yesterday.

But many people were picnicking in the park, too.  It really was a nice cool day, after all.  It was also a holiday in Japan - Autumn Equinox.

In our yard, we had a big damage, too.  Our wisteria tree that gave us joy every spring got destroyed because the frame completely collapsed.

Below is a picture of our wisteria tree in spring of 2007.  I miss that tree!

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