Jakarta Run

I had a nice visit to JakartaIndonesia this week.

From Tokyo, it is about 7 hours flight to get there.
Thursday morning, I could go for a jog from my hotel - at 6:00 am it was already getting very warm!

Because it was the commuting time, there were many cars, motor bikes, and of course, commuters.

Some people take free rides on commuter trains - on the roof!

Here's a photo of an amazing traffic congestion due to so many commuters came out of a train causing auto traffic to stop.  The motor bikes were the first to get out of the mess.

The city is getting ready for SEA Games 2011. Banners were all over the place.

Here's a view of Senayan Sports Complex where the games will be played - as seen from the hotel I stayed.

Another view of the city from my hotel room - the golf course is under repair.

Jakarta is a very vibrant city and there will be a bright future for it, I am sure.

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