Osaka walk and jog

Last week, I was in Osaka.  I took a walk in the evening of Thursday around Osaka Station.

Red whales at the entrance of HEP FIVE.  The stores were open late.

The tall building on the left is Hankyu Department Store and across the street, Hanshin Department Store.  The white little round light over Hanshin building is actually the moon.

Nest morning, I could go for a semi-long jog.  Three tall buildings are being built at the same time on the north side of the station.

Here's Shin-Osaka Station - approx. 4 km away from Osaka Station.  This is the terminal for Tokaido Shinkansen.  A new tall building addition was being built there.

A commuter train crosses a truss bridge over Yodo River.

There were many commuters back at Osaka Station.

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