Singapore Run, etc.

I spent a week in Singapore for a conference.  While I was there, I could run three times.
These are steps that go up to Fort Canning.

I saw this sign up at the top.  I was not ready to climb over the fence.

This is the Helix Bridge - made beautifully of stainless steel.

On the other side of Marina Bay from our hotel stood the famous statue of Merlion. When I ran in an early morning, as it was captured by my camera, it was not squirting water into the bay.  But right after I took this photo, water started.  Maybe it has a motion sensor.

A panoramic view - this one is looking towards our hotel from the statue of Merlion.  The hotel is the one in the middle - three buildings joined by a bridging structure.

This photo is not of running, but the pool at the top of the 57-story hotel I stayed.

A panoramic city view from the pool - the water body is Marina Bay.

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