Snowy Run in Odate

I went for a run yesterday morning at Odate. It was much colder there compared to Tokyo - it was snowing!  I have been running in Vibram FiveFingers and they got soaked through right away in slushy snow.

JR Odate Station.

Statue of Hachiko was right in front of the station.  The famous dog was bred here.

Statue of Akita Dogs - Hachiko was of this type.

Away from the station was a lot of snow.

Here are my footsteps.

An elementary school field - not possible to play football.


dbp said...

I ran in the five fingers for a while and it is really different from normal shoes. I found that I had to change my stride--shorten my steps and land off my heel. Also, my calves were very sore the next day, each time I did a run in them.

I have since "graduated" to just running barefoot. Not all the time, but maybe 1/3 of my runs and never further than 8 miles.

datadawak said...

I've been running in Vibrams since last July (got my first pair in Boston). You're right about sore calves. I had to battle with it for a long time.

The longest I've run in them is 30 km (18.64 miles). I almost gave up from pain, but now, it seems I am finally used to them. I cannot imagine running barefoot, though!

dbp said...

Having run in Five Fingers and barefoot, I can say that if you can run in Vibrams, then you are 9/10 of the way to running barefoot.

The main thing is that you have to have good smooth surfaces to run on and have to keep a wary eye out for small sharp stones. Also, if it is hot out, the pavement burns the feet--I get blisters if I run on hot sunny days barefoot.